Link or Q-Link only Pre-Gain (or other not-automated) Lanes?

Cubase 11 (and 12, but tend to still use 11).

As can happen, my mix has gotten a bit hot in places and while I can link and lower the volumes on their respective group tracks, I need to lower the pre-gain on the instrument tracks due to there being volume automation lanes in most.

So I can’t do a standard link or Q-link to lower them all together according to my perhaps limited knowledge.

Knocking down the pre-gain on each instrument track one by one can be done, but tedious for some have decimal settings (i.e. +2.34 or whatever) even though no automation exists on them.

Let me know if and how I could link or Q-link only the pre-gain or any other automation lanes.

Sure you can as long as you don’t already have Automation on the Pre-Gain controls (and even then there are ways).

  1. Suspend Automation for the Project
  2. Select the Tracks you want to adjust & Link them
  3. Lower the Pre-Gain
  4. Unlink the Tracks
  5. Re-enable Automation

As a side note, lots of folks here are often reluctant to just try stuff in Cubase & see how it behaves. Either close your ‘experiments’ without saving or use Save As… to make a separate test Project. As long as you don’t overwrite something you want to keep it’s almost impossible to break anything.

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OK, thanks. I’ll go and try that. Seems simple enough, even for my mental density. :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Raino’s suggestion is perfect

I would just add.

Don’t forget that the pre gain knob in Cubase is by default “pre insert chains”, it means that if you have on the single tracks plugins like compressors, saturators, tape simulators or even gates the sound will change, depending on how much gain you cut with pre gain knob

To avoid this problem, and give you more solutions, would be also useful:

to add a simple plugin as last insert on all tracks [or groups], something like Studio Eq and use it as post gain knob