"Link Panner" preference - Channel Editor

There is a VST preference “Link Panners” on new tracks, which sure enough when you enable it, any new tracks will have Send panning follow the track panning. Which is a nice option.

However, it seems odd for this to be a preference, and unless I’m blind (which is entirely possible!), there does not seem to be a way to set / unset this in normal operation:-

  1. Once i’ve added a new audio track when the preference was set, how do I “Unlink Panners”
  2. On tracks i’ve previously added, when the prefence wasn’t set, how can I then “Link Panners” for that track?

I’m assuming there is a way, but I am just not seeing it - it would seem strange to have this as a global preference, and not a toggle on each channel - some tracks i might want to sync panner, others I might want to pan opposite, and I might only want to sync2 of my 3 FX sends etc.

One other thing on the Channel Editor, is there any way to get rid of the Channel Strip tabs? I never use the Channel Strip and those tabs add a fair amount of noise and clutter that would be nice to hide.



maybe this helps…

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Awesome thanks! Blind it is, I’m sure I went through the Functions menu!

Generally speaking i’m going to want to sync all panners or none so that is one new thing learned today :slight_smile:


next one :wink:

I can’t see anything here that allows me to hide Channel Strip and Equalizer tabs (section 3)?

In Window Layout only things I can toggle is “Direct Routing” and “Output Chain” (nb 10.5 here as not installed 11 yet)

Tbh, (as is obvious) I very rarely use the Channel Editor at all (inspector / mix console), but been doing a lot more experimentation with Send panning / mono Stereo fx channels, so using it more and more, as those settings not accessible from Insepector or Mix Console AFAIK

Sadly you can’t hide the element. I wish if we could. It used to be possible to resize the panel and the section shrunk, but not anymore.

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