Link Panners

Why has the link panners been turned off as default in 8.5?
I was wondering why the send reverbs or delays were not following the panning when I started to mix a project. Why would you want centre panned efx as default?

It seems crazy that I have only just discovered this. You can go into Preferences and turn them all for new projects bit not for existing ones.


To be honest, I like this decision, to disable this option by default for Cubase users. I would say, for Nuendo users the default settings is enabled, which also make sense. But most of the Cubase users would be confused, when it is enabled, by default, I would say.

How so would Cubase users be confused. It seems quite logical for send efx to follow track panning. Perhaps I am missing something?

Old thread, but this one just caught me out. For anyone who came here for the solution, check the preferences for this:

VST->Activate ‘Link Panners’ for New Tracks