Link Problem

Hey, today I buy Cubase elements 8 and I am trying to download the software but the rar is broken… Please Fix the link or give me another one!

Hi and welcome,

How is the RAR broken, please?

If you had buyed the cubase 8 please try to download the installer and you will see :slight_smile:

No-one even know what link you are trying so asking them to download and see for themselves is not helpful.

If it really is a problem with the link then try the trial version download. If that doesn’t work you’ll have tell us what the actual problem is.

Try to download it!

Sorry for my caps but I buyed a software and I cant use it!

trial link works fine.

Then you can download and install Cubase Elements Trial. By your Activation Code, it becomes retail version.

Trial link doesnt work too.
All the windows links are broken.

If Grim (or other user) can download it, then the problem is not on Steinberg side.

Please, make sure, Firewall or something like this doesn’t block the comunication with Steinberg servers on your side.

To be sure I have downloaded to completion, unzipped the installer and ran the installer. All fine, so as Martin says problem is at your end.

You really need to try and tell us something more than just repeating that it’s broken.
Where does the download fail…does it start?, does it complete but the file is corrupted?, how big is the file you have?, what are you downloading with (what browser? with any dl manager?)

I was using chrome and firefox to download the file.
The problem solved with Download Direct Software.