Link Project and Key Editor Cursors

Is there a way to link the cursor position so that when you open the Key Editor, the cursor is at the same place as in the Event area? This would really help when you have two monitors. Many thanks.

There is, but only when you are using the the lower zone key editor, I’m afraid.

I don’t have access to Metagrid at this moment due to an upgrade that didn’t work on my old iPAD. But if I understand you correctly, there is a work-around that works well, and since you probably don’t have Metagrid, just set up a 3 step macro.

Set up a macro to open an editor, but also iirc, add auto scroll 2 times. What this achieves is seeing the cursor in the key or drum edit windows when you open them. Otherwise, when you open an editor, you will have to scroll to find the cursor.

Perhaps you could add this as a feature request? Would be really useful for me and I’m sure many others :slight_smile:

+1 to more intelligent placement of cursor and parts when opening editors.
This is a macro I set up that works well.

Editors - Open Key editor
Zoom - Zoom Out
Zoom - Zoom Out
Zoom - Zoom In
Zoom - Zoom In
Edit - Select None
Transport - Locators To Selection
Zoom - Zoom to selection

Wow, many thanks for the replies, everyone! I wonder why Cubase developers haven’t implemented this simple tool. It makes perfect sense.

J, thanks for the macro. I’ve written them in Word and Access but not Cubase. I shall give it a shot. Perhaps the Cubase developers figure it’s easier for us to just write a macro then to edit 4 million (or whatever) lines of code.

I just tried your maco, J.B. and it works like a charm!!! Many thanks.

The other thing I discovered was the Stationary Cursor tool. I didn’t know we could do that! It’s so much nicer in the Key Editor because rather than see an entire fixed screen that jumps ahead, you can monitor the entire score as if you’re reading one long sentence. It goes nicely with J.B’s macro.