Link Project and Lower Zone Cursors not working with audio

The Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors function is not working for audio parts in 9.0.2. It still works with the midi editor. I don’t even see the toggle button for it when I am editing audio.

Has this been removed? Hopefully not and I am just overlooking something.

Actually, it does work for audio parts but not for audio events (sample editor)…

So, I have recategorized this one from Issue to Feature Request and added the Cubase 12 tag, as it’s still missing in it, IMO, and using the Event to Part command isn’t a solution, as there are several tools missing in the audio part editor (Free warp, hitpoints, VariAudio…). So, let’s make this tool available in the Sample Editor toolbar also :

Typical use case : I often need to adjust some recorded audio events to a MIDI part with a rythmic content. Each time, I have to adjust exactly the Sample Editor window dimension and horizontal zooming factor to what is displayed in the project window. It’s a chore and prevents any zoom factor change in the latter, otherwise, I’m again for the rezooming/redimensioning process in the former. A workflow killer, but maybe some of you have a workaround…

Beside this, I have stumbled on this one, in Cubase Pro 12 Operation Manual (12.0.20 - the most recent one) :

Any visible contradiction, here ? :grin: