Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors missing

The Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors button is missing from audio editor. It is still available in the midi editor but not the audio editor.

I opened a case with Steinberg back in August of last year asking why this feature is missing. It makes using AudioWarp easier because it syncs the cursor and zoom level between the arranger and audio editing windows. Each time I have asked for an update I receive a “I am looking into it and will let you know when I have more information” type of response.

Has anyone else inquired about this issue? If so, did you receive any useful information back from Steinberg that you could share with me?

I have attached screenshots of the link button and the section of the manual that describes the feature I am inquiring about.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


It is specified like this and it’s also written in the manual. In the Sample Editor the Cursor cannot be linked. It can be linked with the Audio Part editor, not with Audio Event editor.

Thanks for the response Martin. Do you know the reason for this limitation? I am almost positive there was a version that did not have this limitation. Are we able to use Free Warp on a part? If not, it makes this link fairly useless. The whole idea of getting things lined up is to make warping audio easier.

Regardless, you gave me the answer that support could not so I appreciate it.

YES - the link on the audio PART editor is totally useless - warping is so annoying without da right zoom :frowning:

The sample editor grid doesn’t follow the current project Quantize Preset and doesn’t support triplet and dotted grids, so it’s currently not possible for the project cursor and zoom to be linked. The sample editor will need a small redesign in the future for this to become possible.

In the future, for simple questions like this, please try using the forums first. Support is very busy.

Thanks for the additional info Romantique. I was almost positive that there was a version that did allow the Audio Event Editor to be linked but maybe I was mistaken.

There was an older thread about this issue that was never answered so that is why I entered a case. I only started this thread because I gave up on the support case after about 6 months and couldn’t find the old thread.

Hopefully, this can be added to the sample editor because that would be very useful. Also, I don’t get the key command title “Toggle Link Project and Lower one Editor Cursors” the cursor is always linked as far as I can tell. Seems like it is only a zoom link.

From the manual:
“Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors
You can link cursors and zoom factors of the project zone and the Key Editor, Drum Editor, and
the Audio Part Editor in the lower zone. NOTE
Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors is not available in the Sample Editor.”


Not just the Zoom, but also the Cursor (Playback head) in aligned to each other. So the Cursor is at the very same position on the screen in the arranger and the Lower Zone in any time (if this option is enabled). If this is disabled, the Zoom is not synced and also the cursors run independently and the pages scroll independently.

[quote=Martin.Jirsak post_id=950002 time=1579775141 user_id=7120
Not just the Zoom, but also the Cursor (Playback head) in aligned to each other. So the Cursor is at the very same position on the screen in the arranger and the Lower Zone in any time (if this option is enabled). If this is disabled, the Zoom is not synced and also the cursors run independently and the pages scroll independently.

Not at all what I am experiencing with the cursor, have you tried this lately? Perhaps this is just a Mac issue but the cursors stay locked regardless of having link on or not. Anywhere I click in the arrange page or the lower zone the cursors stay linked with it on or off. Though the zooms are independent when unlinked. It sounds like it should work that way hence the title of the shortcut but it is not at least for me on Cubase 10.5.5 and macOS 10.14.6.


Could you make a video screen capture, please?

You bet, here is what is happening. I very well could be missing something, no doubt though it zoom links.


It’s linked directly after you switch it off, because the zoom level is still the same. But once you would let it play and one of the screen would jump to other page or you would change the zoom level of any of the view, it would begone decoupled.

Thank you Martin, that makes a lot more sense now I see what you are talking about, much appreciated!

Is this feature ever going to be updated to work with the Audio Event Editor? Since you can’t Free Warp in the Audio Part Editor, this feature feels incomplete.

Of course, if Steinberg adds Free Warp on the Project window and Multi-track Free Warp, adding this feature to the Audio Event Editor would not be as critical.


I don’t think so, because the ruler in the Sample Editor is not in sync with the main ruler at all. As you can observe, the ruler shows the time from the beginning of the Audio file, not from the beginning of the track.

I am not sure I completely follow, I have two rulers so the one that would “rule” if they are linked is the ruler that matches the project’s timeline and then the second ruler would just shrink to follow whatever zoom size you are on above. The rulers should even have to match above and below just like for MIDI regions, you can have one on timecode and the other on bars+beats and they should still line up. In other words they don’t need the sample editor to fill up the whole timeline if it is linked just show gaps to the sides of the sample like they do with MIDI regions. Then you can get the tools of the sample editor and the benefit of having them linked and more in context of the scope of the project.

I am probably overlooking some logic here.

Hi Martin,

I agree with Skillet that if the link were to be activated that the Audio Event Editor that it should display the entire timeline just like the Audio Part and Midi Editors do. When the link button is inactive, it could behave just as it does now (displays the timeline for the event only).

What is so fundamentally different between the Audio Event and Audio Part windows that make this such a difficult fix?

I never use Audio Parts because you can’t Free Warp a part.

Yeah I don’t even really understand the use of “Events to Part” (I used it once many years ago to fix something as a workaround but I can’t remember what that was) and I have seemingly no use for the Audio Event Editor since it doesn’t allow for warping/variaudio/hitpoint editing/etc.

Having the Audio Sample Editor in the lower zone is a fantastic new feature that streamlines editing for many reasons, but would be yet another step up if it was to link the cursor with the project cursor.