link rhythm grid with rhythmic value

Not sure if this is a good thought yet, but there have been times where I have selected a rhythmic value for note input (8th note) and then also gone and changed the grid to match my selected rhythmic value (8th note). I’m wondering if an option to link these two would be helpful. If entering 16ths and you want to move around in 16ths, then link the two so you only have to select rhythmic values and the grid automatically follows. If entering 8ths and I make a mistake and want to go back 5 8th notes, then I hit back 5 times and I know exactly where I will be without having to check what the grid value is etc.

Not sure. What do you guys think?

This is one of those threads where I go “aargh don’t change it”, solely (and selfishly) because the existing input methods are somewhat entrenched here.
I do wonder if you’re missing existing functionality: If you’re moving the caret right or left through existing music, the arrow keys always move the caret by the note values that are on screen except when encountering a note that is longer than the grid value. Through that longer note, the caret will move by the grid value.
Also, if you select a note value then when you hit Space the caret will advance by that note value.

It might be that you’ve just chosen a poor example, but I don’t see much here that you can’t already do.

If you’re using a regular computer keyboard, you can assign shortcuts for each grid level to the number part of the keyboard, using the same numbers as for inputting notes. E.g. 6 for quarter, 7 for half note etc. That makes it easy to remember.
I’m using this a lot when e.g. extrnding/shortsens g rhythms etc.

Leo, I appreciate what you’re saying, and in no way am I advocating a change…I’m just thinking out loud and seeing where it goes. And I would never want the program to change its fundamental approach to notation. An option box in settings like “grid follows rhythm selection” would not change the way you work at all, but would (if this thread goes further) allow others an option to better tailor the program to their workflows.

Of course, I may be approaching it wrong as you say, and this is all silly. I guess I’m mainly thinking if I input wrongly and want to go and redo. Course, undo is helpful if errors are discovered early enough, and jumping back bar by bar is also a time saver…I wondered if other users are ever changing their grids to match their inputs to aid in correcting as they go, or any other reasons not thought of yet. Just wanted to gauge if it would be useful. My ultimate hope is to become very fast at note entry, and am wondering if this particular setting could be useful in reducing the number of keystroke mappings / keypresses etc. Part of the joy Dorico is finding different ways to do things. Enter notes like this, or like that, or like that. Do you want to step through notes, bars, etc…It’s all just thinking out loud and I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

I know you guys have been using Dorico since day one, but as a newer user, I’m not so entrenched and perhaps that is good, perhaps not. I hope you are not too put out by suggestions and thoughts, as I no doubt will have more in the future!