Link "selection" doesn't work in the project window


Cubase 11, latest version
Win 10 Home
UR22C interface

I’d like to link some tracks to make sure if I move one I also move the others at the same time. For instance if I have a piano instrument track that has a send or group attached I want to avoid forgetting to move that send or group when I move the piano somewhere else.

The feature that allows “linking” tracks seems to be good for that. It also has the option to link “selection”, which is exactly what I need.
But it only seems to be working in the mixer window!

I made a video to demonstrate it. In the mixer window both tracks indeed get selected but in the project window it’s only the track I’m currently selecting.

The feature straight up doesn’t work for me in the project window, which is where I would select and move tracks 100% of the time.

Can’t do it in the mixer window since it doesn’t display folders, which is where I want to move stuff typically (preparing the track for stems export and sorting falsely grouped elements into the correct folders).


The Selection setting is only for the Channels in the MixConsole.
It doesn’t take effect in the Track List (Project Window). This is for obvious reasons, it still allows for individual Track manipulation, for example when you right-click on a track to show the contextual menu, otherwise you would have to disable the Link Group every single time you want to use the right-click on one Track only.

Thanks for the answer. Makes sense, but that means that there is no way to make sure group tracks for instance or 2 side-chained sources get moved together and one has to fully rely on the error-making human brain :pensive:

Yeah, arranging tracks in the track list is still a manual thing. Why don’t you use a folder and put all your Groups inside ? This way you just have to move the folder :wink:

well I now actually decided to just have all groups and sends in one separate folder at the bottom of the project so I don’t have to move anything and just need to make sure the group and send names match the corresponding tracks to quickly find them. That way they won’t accidentally be left in the wrong folder and be activated/soloed when exporting stems… with piano in the strings stem because of a leftover group hah…