Link Suspend does not latch, attached to ALT key (superfail)

What’s with the ALT key momentary link suspend? Yes Steinberg, you really do need a latching link/group suspend. Not optional.


Sorry, could you be more specific, please?

Probably better put as a question, yes - Is there a way to latch link suspension? I see if I hit the option (on a mac) key, link suspend activates momentarily. No latch/toggle behavior. There’s apparently no key-command binding available for it either…thx


I see, there is no dedicated Key Command to do this. The Alt approach is the only one possibility.

Yeah. Whoever made that decision shouldn’t be making those kinds of decisions. There are 2 obvious mistakes in 1. The lack of editable key-command binding (which breaks the logic already established, that important functions can all be re-assigned on the keyboard), plus another glaring mistake that somehow keeps getting made release after release - no latching suspend for linked groups. It’s really not the right way to go - waiting on the obvious til enough people complain. People don’t even know to complain, and/or they don’t care to bother because there are so many of these kinds of issues. This is pointing to a management and vision problem. Yeah, I’m going there. Cubase has a lot of these design mistakes, it’s grating.