Link/Sync midi note patterns

I’ve been looking around in Cubase to find a feature to link the midi note patterns together. By link I mean that normally duplicating a pattern will create a “unique” new one that is independent (changing a note in the first one will not change any in the duplicated pattern). Now I would like them to behave otherwise, like duplicating a pattern would create a mirror of the source and any change done in one of them would modify all of them.
You might tell me that this feature would be pointless but actually it would be super useful if I draw a short arpeggiated pattern, clone it through the whole timeline and then if I want to modify one note of this riff I could just modify one pattern and it would propagate it to all patterns.
Is there any feature like that ? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before but I can’t find it…
Thx in advance !

The feature does exist. I’m not in a position to look myself but I think they are called ghost parts.

Oh thanks a lot, that was indeed the name, no wonder I couldn’t find the feature, the name is a bit misleading…
So far I read online that you could either use the same classic key shortcut as if you were to duplicate the pattern but here you also have to press the Shift key simultaneously.
But you also can select a pattern and press Ctrl + K for multiple duplicates and check “Shared copies”.
Maybe there are other ways but those ones are decent so far.

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