Link Text Frames over two Pages


I want to link a Text frame over two pages, so I can copy long Text into it.
How do I do that?

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Short answer : you cannot.
You’ll have to create two text frames on two pages and cut your text and make it fit

I’m sure it’s on the list … :grinning:
Was struggeling with this yesterday.

Yep… I recommend you take that move for the final steps of the project — those pages will be overrides and if you change the layout of the music it could mess up with it


It would be very nice to have text frames that we could manage a bit like in InDesign or Affinity Publisher … With columns, easier management of the text without the vertical elevator jostling the text, frames which are linked together both text and music frames, a possible dressing, etc.
Is the team thinking about it for the next version?

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