Link the manual to YouTube Videos

The online manual for the recent versions of cubase seems more sketchy than the older manuals. The Cubase Youtube channel is good, but how do you find anything quickly.

Why not have links in the pages of the manual to videos and even index them properly with a webpage accessed from the cubase help drop down.

The links can have start times so they could skip to the correct point in a 3 hour Greg Ondo Club Cubase video.

+1 for links to YouTube and also links for keywords throughout the manual to get you back to the index.

As discussed here:

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I followed the link in the last post and I agree that the manual is easier to use for a new user. If you have just updated from a few version back it can be mind blowing. Some kind of overview is needed near the index showing what was removed and what was added at each iteration. SX3 might be a starting point.

Yup… :wink:

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