Link to "21st Century Blues" ???

Does anybody know if the 21st Century Blues tunes is still up somewhere? Or maybe somebody has an mp3 of it they could PM me? I searched the old forum and the one link I found (from 2010) is dead

I goggled it and got 10,000 responses for a Cowboy junkies album :laughing:

Sometimes, when I’m bored, I browse the old forum… those were the days

I’d really like to read the OLD OLD forum. I thought IT was archived somewhere


Numnutz had a link somewhere Doug, I’ll ask him. He don’t frequent these parts these days :smiley:

Vaughn’s and my mix can both be found here:

Alex (Anduin) also did a mix (see reference below).

I don’t know if the collaboration project thread in the old, old forum is archived anywhere. Sadly, it may be gone.

However, here is a link to details about the project (website courtesy of former Cubase forum member numnutz), including who played each part:

secondary portal:

See directory on right side of page for information about the players and lyricists.

Direct link to “Soloists” page (indexed by time-slot):

Alex’s mix is linked in “The Mixes” hyperlink (right side of page). :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Mr swamptone for taking the time to post all that!

(I still don’t like that snare sound! :laughing: )

LOL – I liked your section the best, Nick:

“My woman won’t get down with me
But my computer always will”


Was part of this…still like it :slight_smile:

“My job went to China, but I can still sing Blues”


Yeah, this was a great collaboration!
… and a humongous job for the mixers!!! :open_mouth:

There was a large cast of forum members that played on it. Here’s the list of the players, lyricists, and soloists:

Cubase Blues Authority
The Soloists:
69BPM Sections

[Time: From - To]
[00:00 to 00:50]…P. J. Geerlings - lead guitar - Southern California, USA
[00:50 to 01:30]…Doug “twilightsong” Hazelrigg - vocals & guitar - Chicago, Illinois, USA
[01:30 to 02:13]…Joe “numnutz” Wilk - slide guitar - Annapolis, Maryland, USA
[02:13 to 02:53]…Dave Smith - vocals and lead guitar - Shropshire, United Kingdom
[02:53 to 03:35]…Peter “Sternen” Climie - saxophone Memphis, Tennessee, USA - Memphis, Tennessee, USA
[03:35 to 04:17]…Phil (phild05) - vocals and lead guitar - Manchester, England
[04:17 to 04:55]…Glyn “Zenda” Powell - vocals and guitar - Hounslow, England
[04:55 to 05:43]…Glyn “Zenda” Powell - lead guitar - Hounslow, England

119BPM Sections

[Time: From - To]
[05:43 to 06:10]…Vaughn “NTR” Fowler - lead guitar - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
[06:10 to 06:33]…Vaughn “NTR” Fowler - vocals and guitar - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
[06:33 to 06:55]…Mart - piano - England
[06:55 to 07:19]…Nick “prism” Crosby - vocals and lead guitar - Syracuse, New York, USA
[07:19 to 07:46]…P. J. Geerlings - Guitar - Southern California, USA
[07:46 to 08:10]…Newman - lead guitar - Brantford, Ontario, Canada
[08:10 to 08:34]…Rob “Herbal Monk” - piano solo - London, England
[08:34 to 08:59]…Braunie - vocals and lead guitar - Lorraine
[08:59 to 09:23]…Wim “HornforHire” Koopman - tenor sax - Dalen, The Netherlands
[09:23 to 09:47]…Uwe “schroeder” Schroedersecker - lead guitar - Bayern, Germany
[09:47 to 10:11]…Dave Smith and Vaughn “NTR” Fowler - guitar dual - Shropsire, UK & Calgary, Canada
[10:11 to 10:38]…Wim “HornforHire” Koopman - vocals and Rhodes piano - Dalen, the Netherlands

153BPM Sections

[Time: From - To]
[10:38 to 10:57]…Ian “Sherz” Rushton - piano - Aotearoa, New Zealand
[10:57 to 11:16]…Marcel “Impulsive” Ritsema - vocals - Groningen, The Netherlands
[11:16 to 11:35]…Uwe “schroeder” Schoedersecker - lead guitar - Bayern, Germany
[11:35 to 11:53]…Phil (phild05), Nick 'prism" Crosby - vocal chorus - Manchester, England & Syracuse, NY
[11:53 to 12:19]…Joe “numnutz” Wilk - lead guitar - Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Trainwreck Finale:

[Time: From - To]
[12:19 to 12:37]…Joe “numnutz” Wilk - lead guitar
[12:21 to 12:37]…Uwe “schroeder” Schroedersecker - lead guitar
[12:30 to 12:36]…Peter “Sternen” Climie - sax
[12:20 to 12:29]…Phil (phild05) - vocal
[12:25 to 12:37]…Vaughn “NTR” Fowler - lead guitar
[12:19 to 12:37]…Nick 'prism" Crosby - ebow guitar

The Band Players (backing track):

Alex “Anduin” Friesen - Drums and Percussion from Ontario, Canada
Marcel “Impulsive” Ritsema - Bass from Groningen, The Netherlands
Peter “Desert” van de Woestijne - Hammond Organ Extraordinaire from Holland
Mart - Piano from England
Nick “prism” Crosby - Rhythm Guitar from Syracuse, NY, USA

Horn Section:

Chris “Little Fat Nut” Cooper - Memphis, TN, USA - Trumpet
Peter “Sternen” Climie - Memphis, TN, USA - Tenor Saxophone
Fleetis “Doc Bone” Hannah - Memphis, TN, USA - Trombone


Copyright © 2005 Cubase Blue’s Authority All rights reserved.

Maybe it’s just me, but it comes off as something of a mess to my ears hearing it now many years later. The drums are tight but the bass sounds all over the place?

Anyway… I like the Anduin mix the best, because he didn’t put any horns behind my section and thus obscure my incredible vocal :laughing:

It was a technical challenge to get all the parts aligned. The backing track of Drums, Bass, Keys, and rhythm guitar were recorded from start to finish, so they line up fine. But all the other parts were done in snippets, using a variety of file types and formats. That led to some difficult alignment issues. I think Marcel’s bass groove is perfect, but my alignment of some of the parts may be giving you a false impression that the bass timing is off. My bad.

That collaboration project was a great learning experience. If I had it to do over again, I’d have done certain things differently to improve it. In any case, I still like the result … and the world DID desperately need a blues song the length of a typical prog-rock piece. :wink:

Best Wishes,

Very importand project for me. I was hopeless back then, even more than I am now :laughing: so Nick and the gang helped enormously. Great fun to be involved with and watch develop :sunglasses:
Cheers again to the great peeps on the project, it was a blast :sunglasses:

Sorry to dig up 100 year old threads but I too was thinking about 21st Century Blues today and then…couldn’t find it :cry: Then I found a little bit of it but it don’t play all the way through for me :imp:

Be a shame to lose this fine collaboration from back in the day.

It stops at 9:02 for me, guess you’ll have to contact Nick and see if he has a working copy Phil

I tried to upload the 18.5 MB MP3 file here, but it didn’t work (probably exceeded the file size limit). I’ll see about uploading to my web hosting and send you a link (please PM me your current email address so I can contact you direct).

Best Wishes,

Ah … just popped in and saw this thread. Here’s the version that I have.

Belated happy new year and take care, all :slight_smile:


That’s it! Well done Glyn :sunglasses:

Works great that link, Glyn :sunglasses:

Remember only you and I actually had a porch and rocking chair back then. My how times have changed :laughing: