Link to "remote control devices" pdf broken

Hi all
I cant’t download this manual for Cubase 13, is there an alternative link?
The link for Cubase 12 works. Does somebody know if this one will do? Or are there any changes from 12 to 13 in remote control functionality?

Hi, have a look here:

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@m.c , is it also broken on your side, please? It works for me.

Thank you

Hi Martin, if we’re talking about the midi remote user guide as opened from the midi remote window, not at all, it’s working as expected. In fact it’s a redirect online, which is actually cool, because it can be corrected without having to update Cubase.

The thing is that @Jay-C is referring to a Cubase 13 pdf file, if he’s referring to the manual, again it can be downloaded, no broken link here either.

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Yes, it was the pdf file that had a broken link. I like to have the pdfs on my laptop cause sometimes I work at rural places that have no internet. The link is now working. Thanks.

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