Link to gone

On the older (much easier to navigate) forum, clicking on the Steinberg logo at the top of the page would take us directly to - to buy stuff for example. This link is gone in the new opaque forum. It would be nice to have it back.

it’s in the menu now.


Where? I can’t find it.
The link to should be via the big Steinberg logo at the top of the forum so that it can easily be accessed regardless of which sub-forum one is currently in. brings the money in - why not make it easy for customers to get there?

You don’t see it in the menu? (not the user drop down, the so-called hamburger menu.


Well, you did not tell me which menu! I’ve never heard of a hamburger menu, except perhaps in a restaurant.

I’ve found it now, but that is not an obvious location for such an important link. I still have to scroll down to find it, and if I didn’t know where it was I could be searching menus all day long.

The obvious, instinctive place for a link to what brings in the money is the big STEINBERG logo above the forums - as it used to be. Even if somebody did not know where it was, that is the first place they would try. Currently, clicking the STEINBERG logo returns the user to the main Forum screen but this is already catered for with the ‘All Categories’ option on the main dropdown list.

New is not always better.

I guess what’s important is that you know where to look now.