Link TrackVersions

This would be useful
…I routinely mess up accidentally missing a track or two when doing a ‘New/Duplicate TrackVersion’ and then the tracks have differen’t IDs and I have to fix them so they relate properly, it becomes a tangle… and yes, there is a protocol to fix but depending on the degree to which I messed up, it becomes confusing.

This wouldn’t be a Link protocol in the mixer, this would be a separate Link of it’s own in the TrackVersion Inspector tab.

It would work by, you selecting multiple tracks, and then going to TrackVersions Inspector Link Menu/Link Tracks, enter a name for the link like 'DrmsAcstc", and then that would show up in a list of TrackVersion links.

whops i totally put that in the wrong spot, but whatever, you get the idea / reasons you don’t wake n bake

Global track versions…
I’ve dreamt of this to make alternate possible arrangements (no arranger track doesn’t do this)…
Been doing a lot of radio/spotify versions of extended mixes for releases etc which is routine in the last year’s.

yes rather than having to depend on the user to make sure they always make the same track selection to retain their multi-track TrackVersion compatibility - just let the user make a permanent link, irrelevant of track selection.