Link two or more tracks together and edit automation?

Hi folks,

Is there a way to edit automation simultaneously for two or more tracks in the project window?

In other words, I know I can link everything in the mixer, and if I put tracks in a folder together I can edit the events together, but I’m unable to find a way to then simultaneously edit the automation of even the linked tracks. I might just want to pull down the tracks by a few dB for a verse, for example.

This is the area of Cubase I’m most frustrated with right now. I’ve figured out that I can link tracks and parameters in the mixer, but then I would still have to put them into a folder to edit together, and the only workaround I can find for editing automation is currently to route the tracks to a bus, however on dual mono sources this isn’t so cool - besides which my workaround involves having to double the number of onscreen tracks, a whole load of routing and assignments, and grouping/linking/folding/routing in a ton of different places in two different windows.

Otherwise, if anyone has any big picture advice on how to handle a large number of small groups of tracks, I’d be very interested to hear about your workflow.


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I can see 2 options here:

  1. Select both Channels in the MixConsole. Right-click on one of them, and select Add Group Channel to Selected Channels. The output of both tracks will be routed to the new Group Channel. Then, you can automate the Volume fader of this Group Channel.

  2. Use VCA Fader. Select both Channels in the MixConsole. Right-click on one of them, and select Add VCA Fader to Selected Channels (Cubase Pro only, and this function also not in Nuendo, in Nuendo, you have to route it manually). Automate the VCA Fader.

Hi Martin,

I really appreciate your reply, especially the quick tip about sending the tracks to a group.

But just to confirm, there is no way to mouse edit automation on two or more tracks simultaneously, that is not volume? For example, the trim mode won’t also do Aux sends, or plug in parameters etc?



if you apply the parameter, you want to automate, on the Group Channel, then you can automate it on the Group Channel, and both (or more) tracks are affected.

But you cannot “link” two or more parameters from different tracks, and automate them at once.

Thanks for the clarification Martin :slight_smile:

useful thank u

automate 1 chan then copy and paste to the other

But then, if you want/need to change the automation, you have to copy it again, and take care about all the time.

but only the part you changed …how mucht time is a few mouse clicks…

i wonder why the link chan is not the easy way out … one fader is linked toone or more faders… thus moving one in write mode will move all the others…

also i was thinking in the lines of group edditing in the folers track—
or even
select—control+g …
grouping tracks in the arrange window –

hope you get it sorted … pls post your progres

I have been requesting SB add “linked automation editing” for years now.

Having used it in Pro Tools and Logic I miss it in Cubase and it’s a feature I would love to see added to the parameters that can be linked in a group.

VCA’s went some way towards a work around for me, but proper linking of tracks would be great.

I hope to see that on 8.5… :wink:

Maybe for v9…? Fingers crossed… chin up…

Saw this post on Gearslutz (hope I’m not being disrespectful/out of turn), with a nice video attached of how it works in ProTools…

CC ones (track/clip) also can be send to max 1+4 units from a single track

using MIDI sends, ofc. the devices should know MIDI learn

+1 for adding this capability to Cubase in the project window for quick and straightforward use.

Still not in 9.5 :frowning:

Just found out you can select the automation points of the different channels on which you want to make a modification and type the value in the info bar. That will change all selected automation points together accordingly.

great way to sort this out! But come on Steinberg! You can do it ! just add this feature please! Linking automation edit as a parameter in the link settings. :mrgreen:

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Just to make this totally clear… When you select multiple objects to edit them together, the value of the very 1st objet (most top-left one) is shown in the Info line.

When you change it’s value, all other values change relatively. So the ratio between the values remains. So for example, if you have init values 2, 3, 1 and you change the 1st one (which is shown in the Info Line) to 3, the new values will be 3, 4, 2.

If you want to set all selected values to the same value you just entered, hold down Ctrl/Cmd and press Enter. In the case I described, you would get values 3, 3, 3.