Link/unlink groups

New C9E user here. Being a long time Logic user, I have a bit of a hard time with the way commands are worded!! So, I have assigned cmd+L to Link selected channels(or something like this). Now, I select a couple of channels in the Lower Zone mixer, press the KC and they link alright. Now, how do I unlink some or all of them? I can’t find any commands for this and can’t find a menu in the main area where I could reverse that. Thanks for your time.


If you used the command “link channels”, you can also use “unlink channels” from key commands or you can use the Link (Q-Link) button in the MixConsole toolbar.
Or there are linking controls that open over the pan control of each channel in MixConsole that let you remove a single track from the link etc…

NB I’m on Pro so not certain if it’s exactly the same in Elements but I guess it will be if the link functionality is there.

Thanks for the quick reply. Now that’s weird, upon going back in C9 for checking what you wrote, my kc doesn’t work anymore and I can’t find the entry in the kc editor!!! Do kc disappear like that? Is it a known problem in the “lower” versions? I checked in the manual before coming here and there were no mention of link/unlinking anywhere apart from the Q-Link button. A bit at a loss here… Thanks anyway.


Maybe you were dreaming :wink:

So if you search only for the word “link” in kc and press search a few times link channels isn’t there??

The option to link via key commands isn’t there in Elements as far as I can see.

Hi guys,
Thanks for the reply. And still, I saw the kc(was happy that it was there as I never saw it before while trying to mimic the most kc to Cubase as my Logic workflow), tried it, it created a row of squares above the pan in the Lower Zone Mix console when I selected 3 channels and pressed the kc. Then, I tried to remove one channel from the group but couldn’t find the kc for it. Right clicking the zone was showing twice the name of the group ticked but I couldn’t do anything with it. Is it in Artist?


Well… the kc are back!! Now, what I noticed, if I right-click any channel in the mixer to get the menu, the “Link selected channels” option will be there. I open the key command editor and the kc will be there to assign but not the Unlink one. I go back to the mixer, right-click and the “Unlink Selected channels” entry will be there. I go back to the KC editor and now the unlink kc is there to assign to a key!!

If they disappear again, I’ll seriously think it’s a marketing plot to make functions available for 5 minutes and then disappear, making you wish you had a “bigger” version… :smiley:


Good find, Blink!

I can confirm it on my Elements system too…but predict that it will disappear for you again. :frowning:

It seems that the Link & Unlink KCs are removed from the list of available KCs each time you close Cubase Elements. However, they can be reinstated by right-clicking to show the Link (or Unlink) command. Once right-clicked the item appears back in the list and the previously applied key-command works again…very strange behaviour.

Thanks for the confirmation. Since they introduced Wavelab Elements 9.5 this year, maybe we’ll get a .5 update this year for Elements too and the links will stay. :smiley: