Linked and grouped dynamics behaviour

Hello community,

when i copy and modify music between systems and change their dynamics, i always fear, that i also change something in the source material.
That happened far too often and i very much dislike this behaviour, that i have to unlink and ungroup dynamics first before changing anything related to dynamics.
Is there a way to generally stop Dorico from auto-group and auto-link things together? I want to choose whether things are connected…

Look at the Note Input and Editing section of the Preferences page. At the bottom of this section there is a check box labeled “Link dynamics and slurs to existing items when pasting.” Uncheck this box and Dorico will no longer auto-link copied slurs and dynamics.


Wow, that’s kind of well hidden.

It’s a new feature added in 2.2. I’m glad for the option, since I prefer to link slurs manually. But it’s different than the original, intended functionality.

It’s some weeks that I last worked with Dorico. I am very glad that one can switch this function off now, for me it was a PITA :wink: Thank you. Dorico team!

I have a strange behaviour here.
I try to link the dynamics of 3 instruments and Dorico always only links 2 of them → see video.
What could be the reason please?
Linked (637 KB)

Without looking, I’d guess that the dynamic that won’t link is probably part of a dynamic group. Right-click and “Remove from group,” and then try linking all three again.

Hey Dan. Thanx, but that doesn’t work. I tried everything - group, ungroup, seperate from group…i just can’t link the 3 mezzo-forte.
This is a reduced version: (636 KB)
Hope somebody can help.

Try selecting the two that are already linked and unlinking them, then selecting all three and linking them.

hey daniel,
thanx a lot. I tried several times to unlink and link them again before i posted this topic and i tried it again several times now. it doesn’t work. it works for the crescendo signs but not for the ‘mf’ signs (only 2 of them). sorry. i just can’t get it going. don’t know what i do wrong.
I select the passage, filter out the dynamics → right mouse-click → dynamics → unlink…again the same thing but now I go to ‘link’…as i said: the crescendi are linked, the ‘mf’ not (only 2). Even if I create everything again - same problem.

Try using copy and paste instead: insert <mf on the top staff, and make sure those two dynamics are grouped, then paste them into the same positions on the staves below, and they will be linked.

Thanx Daniel…I think it would be nice if the link & unlink commands would also work if you won’t have to copy-paste everything before to make them working.
Because if I have to erase everything, then copy-paste it to be able to link it - i’d be faster to change my dynamics manually :wink: - because to copy-paste in a tied section is quite some work in dorico (here we are again at my ‘dorico-tie-system-questioning-doubting’) ---- click at the right position to have your caret where you need it, untie, copy, tie again ---- go to the next line, click at the right position to have your caret where you need it, paste, tie again ---- go to the next…
In French you would say: ‘il a l’air d’être un bug’.

Again, even if you need to copy/paste, you don’t need to untie things. You can get the caret in the right place a number of different ways. I find the quickest is to use the stave of a different instrument that doesn’t have tied stuff, then the up/down arrows to get me to the correct stave, and right and left (plus the shortcuts for jumping bars back and forwards).

ok Leo. what will take more time? deleting the dynamics, un-tie everything, input new dynamics, copy and paste them and tie everything again - OR change the dynamics handish? That was/is my point ! I think there is maybe a problem with the link-unlink function and it would be cool if you could just filter out the dynamics and link them, which -in my case (see file above)-doesn’t work, although they are at the exact same position in all 3 staves.
And hopefully the last thing I’ll ever post about ties:
I always handle it like you or Daniel are describing what is the best way to work with ties. Nevertheless, I prefer the way Sibelius handles ties much more and I think it’s much easier. That’s personal taste and should be allowed.
Anyways, I do prefer Dorico 1.000.000 times above Sibelius.