Linked Channel Feature Request


I’m wondering if it would be possible to consider the following updates for linked channels in Nuendo to expedite Atmos workflow?

  1. When Linked, I can globally enable the Side Chain to all Linked channels, this is great. However, I cannot Globally add the side chain source. I have to manually add it for each of the Linked channels which is very time consuming for 100+ channels of audio…

  2. I cannot Load my FX Chain Preset to all of the Linked Channels. I have to manually add it to each of the Linked Channels.

  3. Plugin presets do not globally load on the Linked Channels. They have to be manually added to each of the Linked Channels.

Any workflow suggestions are welcome. I’m happy to discuss at length if needed.

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For all the reasons listed here, is why I do not use Q-Link.

Agree, it sounds like it could be useful.
I have not tried this in this context yet, but:
Try copy paste first channel settings in the mixer?
That should expedite setup until we get linking that fully links everything that’s needed.

I realise it won’t be perfect by any means but ought to make it a bit faster to accomplish.

When I tried copy and pasting the settings, it also copies the routing, which in turn removed the pasted tracks from the ADM Authorization. So unfortunately that won’t work…

Darn. I was hoping that could help a bit.