Linked dynamics don't delete together?

I really don’t understand the behavior of Dorico sometimes. In that case I have the dynamics linked. Indeed when I decide to change something or move them they act like being linked. However, if I want to delete all of them, only one is deleted. See example in the video. Am I doing something wrong?

I don’t think you are doing anything wrong.
I would like an option ex. option-delete to delete them all.


The only way I see to achieve deleting the linked dynamics in one go is to select one of the dynamics, invoke the popover (Shift-D) type any dynamic (even the same as the current one), and hit Enter. This selects all the linked dynamics and you can then hit the Delete key to delete all of them at once. It feels a little strange to do, but it works.


Yes – or just select the whole area and filter for dynamics.

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Good point, Mark!

Thanks guys! Mark, the “filter” solution is the one that I used but still it’s a bit of a hassle and slows down the process. It makes no sense to be linked but to unlinked only for the deleting…

And it might be worth mentioning that I set a keyboard shortcut for Filter All Dynamics, which I use pretty frequently.