Linked dynamics in a different position

I’m working with an MusicXML import. It’s not actually an XML import, it’s a new document in with I’ve been copying and pasting from an MusicXML Import.
I’ve just discovered that there are dynamics in this project that are linked, but by no means are in the same rhythmical position. In fact, they are several measures apart. Is this possible for an XML import? Because it looks that it shouldn’t be happening.
I’ve discovered this because when I changed one of the dynamics the other was changed, and I went back and forth until I discovered they were linked. Is there a way to unlink all the dynamics that are in DIFFERENT rhythmical positions?
Thank you.

I’m trying to prepare a file that shows the problem, but unfortunately it takes forever to delete flows from an orchestral project. I’ll get back ASAP with the file.

This is the file that poses problem. The Vln I and II have a forte linked, but it’s also linked to the tuba, which is severals measures earlier. I thought it was impossible to link objects that were not in the same rhythmical position.
Dynamics (394 KB)

You can select all dynamics and unlink, but I don’t know how to just unlink the ones in different rhythmic positions.

Thanks. I think I must do that, specially because now I’ve seen this affects also slurs.

There’s actually no underlying technical limitation on whether linked things have to be at the same rhythmic position, but we try to enforce that in the application so that you don’t end up with peculiar problems like this. If you want to attach the original MusicXML file we could take a look and see if we can spot the reason for the problem.

Thank you for the answer, Daniel.
Since it’s a project from a client, I’ll first ask him if he’s OK with sending the XML file. It he is, I’ll send it to you privately by e-mail. This file was exported from Cubase and had some weird quirks too regarding key signatures and transposing instruments, which I will detail to you by e-mail.
Thank you!