Linked Dynamics in Divisi

I’m having trouble linking dynamics when one voice is Divisi.

I’m able to link Cb and Vcl. but not the Vla. 1 part.

Linking, is vertical (looong vertical L) , Grouping is horizontal.

You mean

  1. grouping the dynamics in Vla.1?
  2. or linking Vla. 1 (and 2?) together with Vc. and Cb.?

In first case if you have troubles, select the Vla. 1 dynamics, right click Dynamics/Ungroup Dynamics, then Group Dynamics again. (even if the different hairpin in Vla.1 in bar 4 seems a mistake…)

In second case you can only link dynamics that are identical. In Your example the Vla. 1 has different hairpin endings in bar 4, and Vla. 2 has different immediate dynamic in bar 2.
The fastest method is: delete the Violas dynamics, select the cello dynamics and right click, Paste special/Duplicate to staff above twice, and everything will be linked and grouped nicely.
(if you want Vla.2 to have different dynamics, then after selecting the cello dynamics, copy and paste on Vla. 1 )