Linked Dynamics Offset

If dynamics are linked across staves and I move one graphically in Engrave mode, every dynamic in the group moves. Is this the intended behaviour? Should I unlink any dynamics that need manual vertical/horizontal offsets? Will it eventually be possible to change the offsets of dynamics while keeping them linked?

Yes, that’s the concept of linking. You can always select them and right click and choose “remove from group,” which I believe has the same effect as unlinking—it’s just more thorough.

I could be wrong, because I don’t need to do this much (and I’m away from my computer), but I think you can move them independently in Engrave mode.

In future we do plan to make it possible to apply individual horizontal and vertical offsets to dynamics without unlinking them, but the way it works at present is how it is designed to work at the moment.

I was confused because the offsets for slurs don’t affect other linked slurs, but for dynamics they do. Thanks for clearing this up!