Linked/Grouped Editing in Slip Mode

Maybe it’s always been a feature of Wavelab but I didn’t know you could link all editing using ALT/Option so that you can trim and adjust edits of multiple selected clips at once. Totally invaluable!

However, I noticed this doesn’t apply when you use “slip editing”. By that I mean the feature of adjusting the timing of audio without moving the clip using CTRL+ALT on Windows. Naturally the ALT key is busy here so that wouldn’t work but since I use Slip Editing quite a bit I’d really love this feature.

Example being if in a finished edited montage with multiple mixes of the same song in sync and replacement files come in that have been shifted in time where you would then need to adjust the start and end points which would change the relative timing of the clip. A better solution would be to just slip audio in place if this action was possible to link over multiple clips in the montage?