Linked Panner: Stereo Combined Mode

I found out that when changing the panner-mode on a channel to “Stereo Combined Panner” the linked pan pots for the sends are still in “Stereo Balance” mode. The balance panner on the the send follows the left-panner on the combined-panner only (screenshot).

This happens when changing a already linked panner.
If a create a new send on a channel with the “Stereo Combined Mode” enabled, the panner aren’t linked at all (nothing happens on the send panner).

Is this a bug or am I missing something?


You’re right and it’s not the only bug regarding linked panners / combined panners.
When you’re selecting combined panner for your track, linked panners should change for combined panners too instantly.

In fact the “stereo balance” send’s panner follows only the left side of the track’s combined panner because in combined mode, there are two parameters : pan of the left side and pan of the right side.

Other issues I found :