Linked sends to FX

I have a hi-hat track and a drum track, both of which are routed to a Drums group track. I also have a place reverb on an FX track. I want to send the hi-hats to the FX track, but when I activate that send, it is stuck on -infinity, and I can’t increase the send. But, when I do activate that send on the hi-hats, for some reason, the kick send to that reverb FX gets turned on as well. I checked and these channels and they don’t appear to be linked.

You should be able to increase the Send level even if there is no any Channel routed. Could you try this on the track? And you should be able to set the Send level even if the Send itself is not activated. Could you try this? Is it always the same on all slots of the track?

Where is Output of that track routed?