Linking 2 Channels ( short video demo added...)

When I link 2, or more Channels in the mixer to activate recording on both, the link only works when I click one of the linked tracks in the mixer and not in the arrange window
this used to work in former versions…
is there a preference or something to change this ( rather annoying ) behaviour ?
I am on Nuendo 8.3, win 10


Do you have synced MixConsole-Project selection?

Yes I tried the sync option to no avail…


I tried to reproduce it on my side, and it works as expected. I tried to play with some preferences (I could imagine they could affect the result in theory), and it always works to me here.

Are these tracks side by side? Or is any in a folder or in a divided upper zone or anything special around?

thank you very much for your effort, much appreciated!

here is a short clip of that broken link feature…


I see it now. This works as specified.

If the Record Enable is enabled by the automatic one (when track is selected), then the Record Enable is not linked. To achieve this you have to link even the track selection, not just the Record Enable. Then it should works as you expect.

thanks again Martin,

all the link options were checked in the video…

Seems to work fine here -