Linking channels and volume automation


I have a large number of tracks each with their own volume automation on. I would like to bring the volume down on each track by the same amount (and with it, each edit point on the automation lane in a uniform manner. Is this possible via linking the channels or do you do this in some other way? I don’t seem to be able to do it with the tracks on “read”!


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Does routing each of the tracks in question to a new group (all going to the same group), then turning the fader down on the group, help?

Oh, you’re very kind, thank you. :laughing:

I have got myself into the situation where I don’t have any headroom left as I have just bounced the drums down and applied plugins, which are peaking and showing up in wavelab with 1000’s of errors (as are some others). Because everything else is too loud, I can’t turn the drums down without losing them, so was wondering if the was some way of bringing everything down in a uniform way (including all the volume automation). Looking for a quick fix to save remixing from scratch. There are about 40 tracks in all, so would like to avoid this if possible.

I know you can do this by linking the channels and bringing the faders down, but it seems with automation on, that isn’t as straighforward

Actually, of course, you’re completely right. Doh!

Thanks again.

Once more a case for “Trim” automation, it seems…

Or project logical editor

What was your starting point on the drums levels?

Depending on your monitoring needs and gear quality I usually start mine with a drum track at -6db and balance all else around that Or I’ll have the Bass drum at -6, balance the kit around that and then the rest around the kit.
That way, by the time that you have added tracks and FX your headroom should be in the right field all round.
Different music styles might see that -6db be higher or lower. As much as -14 in my case occasionally.

You can select and link (look up “link” in the manual) multiple tracks and the faders will move proportionally.

But not - as mentioned by the OP- with already written volume automation.

No need. If everything sounds good just pull the master fader down 6db and turn your speakers up a little to compensate so you don’t start hearing things differently. “Running out of headroom” in floating point is mosty an illusion.

Hope that helps.