linking computers - FXTele-prt vs VST sys-lnk

Vienna Ensemble Pro by VSL

Despite the name and brand, it’s not specifically for orchestral libraries :wink:
It lets you host any VST on another pc.

Afaik FXT is x32 only, and dead, no sign from the dev since years.
VEPro 5 supports audio to AND from a DAW, automation, x32<->x64, Mac<->PC, actively supported…

Hi Steve

I’ve had a play with fx teleport with 10/100 lan cards it is very limited. It really needs to be run over a gigabit network. In the end I didn’t buy it. I just used the freeze function until I got both a faster machine and a UAD card. I also experimented running vsti’s on a separate machine loaded with Reaper as the host connected via good old fashoined midi and audio cables. It just meant saving the project on both machines. Once I had the latency compensation worked out it was fine. There are also some midi over lan applications such as rtpmidi


Digital Connection = digital Sync needed + No Automation possible + fixed routing (device wise) = no (semi) automatic workload balance