Linking dynamics issue in Engrave mode


As I’ve been working on editing the full score for a piano trio, I’ve encountered many cases in which linked dynamics are really slowing me down. They work wonders in Write mode, when used correctly, but in Engrave mode it’s become a bit of a headache, to be honest. The reason is that whenever I try to adjust the vertical or horizontal placement of a dynamic in the piano, for instance, it will also move the linked dynamics in the violin and cello staves. This has forced me to unlink dynamics hundreds of times. I wonder if anyone has run into the same issue. Is there something I’m not understanding right? It doesn’t seem this is unintended behaviour for Dorico, and so I wonder if anyone has already addressed this or if there are plans to do so in the future?


I have the same problem and always unlink all dynamics before starting with the layout editing in engrave mode. In write mode, select the full score and edit/dynamics/Unlink.

It is planned that dynamics should be able to have independent horizontal and vertical offsets in Engrave mode. It is also planned that you should be able to choose whether or not dynamics should be linked between staves by default.

As always, you’re ahead of us! Thanks for the update, Daniel. All the best.

I have no idea why that didn’t occur to me as a workaround. Thanks for the tip, Andre!