Linking Files

Hello All,

Before launching into converting a montage from one sample rate to another, I took the precaution of making a backup copy and placing it on a separate drive to the one on which I was working. With the help of S-EH, who kindly advised me as to how to set about the conversion, I was successful in producing a montage with the correct sample rate for writing to a CD. When it came to tidying up the files and archiving them in the respective directories/folders, I discovered that the new montage file was linked to the copy of the original file I had moved to the C drive. If I move the file and the .gpk file, to my second drive and to the same directory and folder as the new montage, Wavelab can’t find it and wants it back on the C drive.

Is there a way to link the newly created montage to the file in the same directory or, having moved the file, tell Wavelab where to find it ?

Thanks for any advice.