Linking identical insert plugins on the same channel


I am trying the dual mono compression. At some point, we need to apply two compressions to the left and right channels of the group bus. Is that possible to link these two compressions as they are applied to the same channel?

Any help would be appreciated.


this maybe?

or you could go with Vertigo VSC-2

No, thanks.

I don’t think it is possible. We’ll see.
I’ve seen that video. It requires using a compressor capable of processing the left and right channels independently.

Please see the image I posted.

What do you mean by link? Do you want one to be on the left and one on the right but with the same settings?

Since they are identical. I want when I change to say you have compressions ( identical on the same channel). If I change the ratio of one from 1 to 2, the other’s plugin ratio changes to 2 as well. So they are a mirror of each other.

It seems the only way is copy and pasting settings! Not in real-time as linking provides.

This is useful for applying dual-mono compression.