Linking identical insert plugins on the same channel


It would be great if we could link identical insert plugins (say two compressors) as they are applied to the same channel. This way when one changes one parameter in one, the change reflects in the other one instantly.

A use case would be the dual mono compression. At some point, one needs to apply two compressions to the left and right channels of the group bus.

you could probably just altclick-copy-dragdrop one of the plugins you are changing into the other as you are making changes, to copy transfer the settings to the other…


You could probably do this via Quick Controls as well

+1 Exactly. I’ve been doing a lot of stuff in dual-mono. This would save me time! Right now, every time I make a change to one instance of a compressor, which is either routed to be the L or the R, I have to tell Cubase to “Copy X compressor’s Settings” and then paste those settings onto the other instance. I should be able to link and ‘Quick Link’ insert effects on the same channel.

Select the channels and hit Q-link, that will link plugins as well. Only exception is if you load a preset, it will not reflect that on the other linked channels.

Select channels? OP wants it with a single channel.

Then use a compressor that can work in dual mono mode.

Are there Any free with Good quality?