Linking Multiple Tracks for Comping

Showing lanes and using the comp/mute tools is great when you’re going through takes recorded with a single mic. However, is there a way to link multiple tracks together to do the same thing? For instance, when I have multiple mics setup on a drum kit and the drummer wants me to play back what he did two takes ago, can I link all the drum tracks so that when I show lanes and click on Take 1 of the Kick mic that all the other mics will also automatically switch back to Take 1 as well? I often use multiple mics for recording so going back to check old takes is a real pain.

Hi and welcome,

This is what is TrackVersions good for in Cubase (I don’t know, if it was part of Cubase 8 already).

Use a Folder Track and enable the Group Editing button. This feature was added for situations like this.

When Group Editing is enabled, all tracks in this folder follow the current Lane selection. This makes it easy to listen to play different multi-tracked takes.