Linking playing techniques

Hi all, I’m trying to have an arrow on the SECOND whole note going to the third one, indicating that the player is uncover the mute starting on the second whole note. How can I do that?

I would add a rhythmic-position-attached line with an arrow end cap, using the line tool.

Thanks dankreider! Does that mean that it will require manual tweaking? Also, I’ve been trying to use the “erase background function” on the “open” sign so that the line doesn’t go through it (I need it to continually open and close), but it seems not to be working. Any ideas why?

SamiSeif - there is an alternative - you can make a playing technique that is a blank space, then group that blank space playing technique with the open symbol. You will get an arrow from the blank space to the open symbol, and it will stay grouped correctly. That is what I normally do in these cases.

There are a couple options for positioning. Maybe in this case, set the right position to stop at the barline. That would keep it clear of the PT that follows on the downbeat. Shouldn’t be any tweaking required.