Linking project to mixers when tracks set in R/L zone

  1. Make sure you have linked your project page to all your mixers.

  2. In the project page, under the appearance tab, select a track to disappear.

  3. In any mixer…1,2, or 3. that track will not vanish if it has been set to either the Right or Left zone. If you put the track to neutral it vanishes.

Keep in mind everything works correct the other way. If you make a track vanish from the mixer, that change will be reflected in the project page. But making the change from the project page, the link project to mic mixer doesn’t work.

Verified bug? I couldn’t find it in the collected issues.


Before I turn this in to the “issues” forum, I wanted to get confirmation from a few more people.

I think this is another case where the issue says a lot about users of Cubase. Apparently not many people even use zones in the mixer?

If they use zones in the mixer apparently not many people link the project page to the mix consoles and/or use multiple screens?

Or if they do the above they don’t hide tracks on the project page? It isn’t working!

Maybe this issue could have been turned in already?

There are many possible reasons not to respond, the main ones being that it’s hard to understand and/or reproduce.

The 7.5 new features doc says only one mix console can be synced at a time, but it appears all can be synced, with the limitation you found. I would not call it a bug.

I’ll gladly explain it better. What didn’t I explain properly?

I’m working with 4 monitors and have a mix console full screen on 3 of them. It was reproduced by a couple people at Gearslutz. Verification from you would put the gold seal on it! :laughing:

Yes I believe all mixers can be synced. My point is once you assign a channel to either a R or L zone, the sync no longer works. Try it…just hide a track in the project page. The track in the mix console will remain. Ironically, if you hide a track in the mix console it DOES hide in the project page.

Do you think Steinberg purposely decided if a channel is assigned to either R or L zone the sync should be disabled? And why would they allow it to work from the mix console, but not the project page?

I wasn’t referring to your report, which was clear, but to the fact that the feature doesn’t exactly follow how it’s described in the doc.

I did try it, and I found it to behave as you said. But since the doc says only one mixer can be synced at a time, and that does work, I figured it’s not a bug, but an undocumented or unfinished feature.

I am wondering, what is your use-case in having three mixers open, all synced to the project window? Are they all identical, or do you have them zoned differently? Are the displays in different locations?

You can’t even sync one mixer at a time with the project page if you set the channels in either R or L zone. I just tried syncing the project page with only mixer 1, then only mixer ,2 and then only mixer 3. None of them appear to sync when you set the channels to either R or L. Please let me know if your results are different or if I’m missing something here?

To answer the other part…I’m old. I like to view the mixers similar to a real mix console.

I have 4 identical 21 inch displays next to each other forming a slight curve since I sit in the middle.

Monitor 1 and 2 contain audio and instrument channels only. So between these 2 monitors I will zone all audio channels to the left and all instrument tracks to the right. By default I have 4 Kontakt rack tracks and 24 Superior Drummer rack tracks…both of these zoned to the right. When the project expands, thats when I use configurations, but still like to keep the basic organizational structure.

Monitor 3 is for the project page.

Monitor 4 contains a non-full screen mixer, never on top, (usually no rack) all Audio In, Audio out, effect, and group tracks. By not showing the rack it allows space for extra stuff such as opening channel settings, VST’s, plus drum & key edit windows.

It may be weird, but it works for me.

Not weird at all, more impressive.

But now I see what you’re saying, I followed your repro steps- but actually the first one,
“1. Make sure you have linked your project page to all your mixers.” turned out to be a bit of a red herring, since it doesn’t actually matter which or how many (or even if) mixers are synced to the project page.

So anyway, zoned tracks can’t be hidden using the sync from the the Project page, nor by using the Visibility Agents. (don’t know if you noticed that)

You asked if my results are the same, and they are. I have a feeling this is intended, the behavior is consistent, so it doesn’t feel like a bug to me.

But you can hide the track by hiding it in the mixer, regardless of zones, and it will hide in the project as long as it’s linked to the mixer. I can’t figure that logic out. It works from the mixer, but not the other way around. :laughing:

Anyway thank you. I will submit it in the issues forum.

Remember that, after Steinberg’s own statement (way back - maybe not valid no more) the big plan was to overhaul the whole app, also the project page.
So when the Project Page overhaul are ready (C8???) it may works both ways (nothing is very consistent these days).

The new Mix Console (and Control Room) are only the first stage (first leg). To be honest, I’m quite worried that they may “destroy” the best looking Project Page among DAW’s.

Bigger sliders and knobs (with less info in view), more hovering and clicking for status, hiding info and other things we are used to see at a glance…only to fit our big fat fingers in a multitouch screen scenario (this is what Cubasis is for IMO).

Well, if they don’t change path after the Cubase 7 experience so far, I don’t know what to say. If they just move on in their own world, sticking to the original plan no matter what, at least they make my choice easy at the next crossroad.

Steinberg has a history of being “stubborn”, so only time will tell. I’m :open_mouth: you


the whole idea of the “zones” in the Mixer is to have a track or a group of tracks always visible, so basically if the track is locked in the Mixer, it will stay visible unless manually hidden. It is not a bug, but it is by design!


Apparently I never picked up on that concept and have been using zones as just a separation/organization method.

Okay…no more zones for me. I will put all tracks back to neutral, therefore the linking between project page and mixer works, and have to live with things not as organized.