Linking the mix CMCs...

First off, let me say that this looks like a very cool new approach to control surfaces. My question is - the video states that you can link up to 4 mixers together - any chance of expanding that to more in order to build a bigger mix surface? Also, I assume this integrates fully with Nuendo as well?

I too am curious about if it will work with Nuendo or is there another controller in mind for that in the works?

Im positive regarding the new touchsurfaces, looks very star trek indeed, also the modular approach is good news, now my cc121 isn’t perse obsolete. In other words I can purchase a fader pack or 2 an keep on using my cc121. I did expect an expanded cc121 like in cc821 for example. :laughing:

@mroekalea yes, just saw it in a video.

These are sweet, looking forward to getting some.

Ah I saw some complaints that the fader isn’t motorized, I think it is brillaint because the CC121 fader always makes noise which I think is bad. The new touchfaders are silence and have meters within itself.

I use 4 CC121’s here in my training facility, and not one of them make a “noise” of any significance…well in truth they are silent…I would hazard a guess you have something wrong with yours,and RTM it back to Steinberg!.

When it’s reflecting slow volume automation it doesn’t move fluently, but in short bursts so to speak. Your fader always moves fluently?

Hi, my fader doesn’t much noise, but indeed when doing slow fades you can hear the motor, it is not hard but in my mind it’s an audiocontroller and shouldn’t make noise that could be heared as it influencing your listening experience.

When doing fast fades I merely hear the air that is moved.

I do not think mine is broken. (keep my fingers crossed :mrgreen: )