Linking to a channel with existing automation.


So here’s my scenario:

I have the Groove Agent SE running in multichannel, and in the GE Mixer, the all of the roomverb from the drums to into one bus, and from there I’ve assigned them to a separate output. So, Kick on one channe, Snare on one channel, Hats on one channel, and roomverb on another channel. So in the Cubase Mixer, all drums go to separate mixer channels, and also the roomverb is on a separate mixer channel.
Now, I have already recorded mute-automation on the drumtracks, and I would like for the roomverb channel to follow them. So, When the Kick channel is muted, roomverb will also be muted automatically. Is this possible?
And then the bonus question: Would it be possible to link the roomverb channel to multiple channels, so that it will respond to automation from, say, both the Kick channel and the Snare channel?

I tried linking the roomverb channel to the Kick channel, but it doesn’t seem to respond. Would this only work if you first link the channels THEN record automation? And if so, is there any workaround?


You could try to set up your drum channels in CB8 mixer, in stead of in GA4 se…? Then you can easily copy/ paste automation from one lane to another.

I am not at my DAW right now, but I always set up my drums per channel (and then grouped) in CB in stead of in GA4, as I prefer to have all my faders and automation lanes in one view…