Linking Zone Sample Display to Sample Display in Macro Page Designer

How do you link the Zone Sample Display to the Sample display of the zone you created so it can be reflected in the Macro Page when creating your own? You cannot right click on the display in the actual “Zone” and select “Connect To Macro Page,” there is no right click menu available. I have attached a photo of what I am trying to connect to my macro page.

Sample Zone

If you are using the Sample Display template you just need to set the scope to the zone object.

Easy way to do this is select the zone in program tree and drag any parameter from parameter list to the scope field. Click inside the scope field.

You should see something like this: @0:Zone 1/@id:0001

Delete the parameter id. Now you have the scope for the zone itself: @0:Zone 1

Try with and without the forward slash at the end. Not sure about this. It depends how the template is configured. Also check the play position parameter inside the template. This is different for sample and grain zones.