Links to Spectralayers video tutorials

*** UPDATE 11/18/2020 ***


Promo / Quick Tutorials
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - Promo
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - Healing Process
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - Playback Tool
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - Transform Tool
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - Unmix
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - Unmix Components

SpectraLayers Live Sessions with Mike Scheibinger | Google Hangouts 2020
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - SpectraLayers Pro 7 New Features and More Basics | SpectraLayers Live Session August 22, 2020 [3:24:20]

SpectraLayers One
SpectraLayers One - Visual Editing with SpectraLayers One | New in Cubase 11 w/ Dom Sigalas

SampleConstruct/PatchPool/Simon Stockhausen
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - UnMix Stems
SpectraLayers Pro 7 - Moulding – Voice and Alien Engine


SpectraLayers 6 Videos:

*** UPDATE 11/18/2020 ***
SpectraLayers Pro 6 - SpectraLayers Pro The Basics | SpectraLayers Live Session June 17, 2020 [1:29:30]

*** UPDATE 4/20/2020 ***

Official Steinberg Spectralayers Tutorials

Electric Guitar Production Part 1 | Spectralayers Elements Tutorial
Electric Guitar Production Part 2 | Spectralayers Elements Tutorial

Fixing Unwanted Plosive Sounds and LF Control | SpectraLayers Elements Tutorials

*** UPDATE 2/14/2020 ***

Official Steinberg Spectralayers Tutorials
Noise Reduction | SpectraLayers Elements Tutorials
Unmixing and Remixing Sounds | SpectraLayers Elements Tutorials
How to Eliminate Unwanted Sounds From a Song | SpectraLayers Elements Tutorials


8:45min Introduction by creator Robin Lobel:

Official Steinberg Short Introduction videos:
Steinberg Official Promo Video

Steinberg: Selection Introduction

Steinberg: Retouching and Tools Introduction

Steinberg: Selection-Based Effects Introduction

Steinberg: Visual Audio Transformation


Other SpectraLayers 6 / Older Version Videos:

Various YouTube Tutorials and Examples
Old Mono Recording to Stereo Conversion tutorial by Ken Martin:


Spectralcasting Mixing Rap Vocals

Explaining spectral casting using graphics

Sound Design Examples

Spectral molding

SpectraLayers Pro 6 Sound Design Experiments

Noise Reduction

Example, using RX and Spectralayers cleaning up on-camera audio

Cleaning up the first recording of Thomas Edison By Robin Lobel (OLDER SL VERSION)

Extract Shape Tool Vs Harmonics Tool

three step audio extractionm layers:


Extracting voice from a movie by Robin Lobel (OLDER SL VERSION):

Spectralayers 4 - cleaning up dialogue (OLDER SL VERSION)

Noise Reductions SLpro3

Noise Reduction SLpro2

Thorough editing tutorial (hour long)

Cleaning up Acoustic Guitar Recording:

Cleaning up Music Mixes

Textual Tutorials/Reviews:
Tapeop - SL Pro 6

SOS - SL Pro 6


MusicTech Review - SL Pro 6

Pro Sound Network - SL Pro 6

Paid Video Tutorials PAID TUTORIAL - SL PRO 3

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Wow. Thanks for all the links! Just starting with this software, and this should help a lot.


Would be cool if we can get a tutorial on the “find similar” feature and what exactly all the aspects of the patterns it finds means.

The live session on new SL7 features talks about it, at 2:51:50:

This is possibly the most useful tutorial video available on that list, but when I play this long 3hr24 video…

SpectraLayers Pro 7 - SpectraLayers Pro 7 New Features and More Basics | SpectraLayers Live Session August 22, 2020 [3:24:20]

… the screen is all corrupted and totally unclear, because Youtube is only delivering a 720p version yet the original is obviously captured at at least 1080p.

Is this just me, or is everybody seeing this.

I checked the settings of the Youtube player and it lists the max rez as 720p. Is there a properly rez’d (1080p) version of this video so I can actually see clearly what the tutor is doing? Kinda rather important when trying to see detailed spectograms, let alone all the controls.

I was really lookging forward to studying this video, but it’s all just a bit too fuzzy to be understandable, especially for 3.5 hours!

don’t have your probblem

What Robin linked you

HTF do I upload an image here to show how bad this is. There are no image controls on this reply dialog…

I’ve posted here about it with a picture of the bad quality.

These are not tutorials, rather a feature listing.

Could you explain what exactly you would like a tutorial on? What is it exactly you want to learn more about exactly?

@Joey_Kapish Kindly read this link.