LINUX port of Elements

Suggestion: Provide a Cubase Elements version that runs under Linux, primarily targeted at the ‘live-performance musician/singer’ market. Geeks can cater to that market by getting the Elements app to run on best price/performance/form-factor ‘hardware’; and thus, the Winbloze tax (currently a sizeable % of that streamlined ‘hardware’) can be avoided.

Must-have features in the Elements app are the Chord Track (along with its convenient Editor Input), in conjunction with the ‘Live Transform’. And of course, such an app needs to remain $100 (or lower, WITHOUT a dongle).

Has the mental light-bulb gone off yet? Just do it. You don’t know what is coming.


And since we are going thru this brain-storming session, this ‘LIVE PERFORMANCE’ Cubase app might also have some convenient features to facilitate putting together a song set (aka Apple’s Mainstage).