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I want to hear your opinions on the following. Would u use Linux as your standard OS. These days, Linux is very stable just like Mac OS X. Remember Mac OS X and Linux are based on the same basics (UNIX). Some of us would ask, why would you use Linux instead of Mac OS X? Well, Linux is free and you don’t have to spend a fortune on a desktop mac.

Sooo… would you like to have Linux as a standard en have Cubase running on it? Don`t know if this would be ever possible due to rights and licenses. But i just want to hear your opinion.

Thank you

I really don’t think you can ever call Linux a “standard” OS.

Every build from every company/programmer is different. There is no consensus, unlike Windows and MacOS.

Sure you can have modules with the same functions, but they can be coded radically different.

It would make programming Cubase to run on “Linux” a nightmare.

Cubase is the only thing making Windows necessary for me right now. Other DAWs work fine on Linux … surely Steinberg programmers are up to the task?

Windows/MacOS are no more “standard” either because their business model requires them to build incompatibilities (sorry: “features”) into every new version. In Linux you might occasionally need to recompile a program, but it won’t stop working every time there’s a new version of the OS.


Not what I meant.

Windows and MacOS have one code source (ONLY Microsoft or Apple release modules for the OS), meaning that it is known what OS modules are present at one time.

Linux has several code sources (how many different distros of LInux are there, and how many people can create their own Linux version?), meaning that each version of “Linux” can be radically different.

Now, granted, major distros are pretty “standard”, but even then they differ in terms of coding.

Major music applications like Rosegarden and Ardour (which enabled companies like Harrison to offer their Mixbus product across all three platforms, Windows, Linux and Mac) have no problem maintaining the same code base across various Linux distributions. Clearly there would be development work involved in producing a Linux version of Cubase; the product could still be secured though with a closed-source binary driver for the Steinberg Key.

A new market could be opened up for Steinberg because third parties could produce custom hardware with Linux as the base OS, requiring only the addition of the Steinberg Key and the necessary license to turn it into a complete, customised and perfectly tuned DAW, giving all the advantages of Mac hardware but at no cost to Steinberg. No more "I get glitches when recording 156 tracks @ 192kHz while playing WoW " questions in the forum.

Steinberg Linux live distro CDs could be given away at promotional events with restricted Cubase versions, that people could boot on their laptops to get a feel for the product. Like it? Buy a key, click install and off you go.

Imagine a piece of 19" hardware that you connect up and call “Cubase”, or even a little box with just USB, MIDI and HDMI connectors. That might even make me want to buy Steinberg hardware again.

The possibilities are endless.

No, I am happy with Windows.
Apple products are too commercial (high priced) and Linux is its polar opposite, Windows is right smack in the middle.

I would think that Steinberg would be interested in Linux because they could eliminate the problem of coding for multiple operating systems that are constantly evolving/devolving (Vista). They could release Cubase with their own customized OS and control the process entirely instead of letting Microsoft “break” things every few years when they feel the need to cater to a customer base with no connection to audio production. The current trend to blend the tablet and phone OS with the desktop OS is just the most recent example.

Receptor successfully implemented this strategy, but so far Steinberg hasn’t shown any apparent interest in Linux. Does anyone know differently?

Yeah what a great idea to have a CUBinux. would be really cool :wink:

Played around with some linux freaks years ago. Wasn’t it like that that if you really want to optimze linux for your system their was alot of handwork needed to get kernel compiled in the right way and also the other preferences in the system?
Would love to see 8 penguin during booting my CubaseDAW part in my Dualboot

Greetz Bassbase

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t work like that. Steinberg would have to code for Windows OSX and Linux, not instead of. I also doubt that any of the plugin developers would be very happy with yet another OS to code for. It’s hard enough for them having to deal with Windows VST/RTAS/AAX, OSX VST/RTAS/AAX/AU/MAS, not forgetting TDM, without having to add another operating system as well.

The only way this would work would be if all the sequencer developers were to agree to shift to Linux, and this will never happen, particularly for Apple fan-boys. :wink:


Or CUBix :smiley:.

Ironically enough, Cubase was initially called Cubit for a short period of time. :slight_smile: