Lion, FireFace and VST Bridge


I bought a new hard drive yesterday (M4 256Gb SSD), and thought I’d give Lion 10.7 a crack. Oh dear, well…

I’m not sure I like the changes, but that’s a different discussion. What concerns me more is that Cubase 6 currently doesn’t support the VST bridge under Lion. In other words, if you run Cubase 6 64bit and need 32 bit plugins (UAD for example), Lion is a no-go. :astonished:

The other thing that worried me was that I couldn’t get any of the audio devices to work - I’m using a FireFace 800, latest drivers etc. All I get is an error message saying ‘Device failed to open!’ I can’t even get to the Built-in audio options.

I get the same result in the 32bit version, and on Cubase 6.0.3 and 6.0.4

Is anyone successfully using Cubase 64bit on Lion?


Ahh - ok, I got it working.

Basically, I reinstalled Cubase 6.0.0, then went to 6.0.3, then to 6.0.4

It would appear that going from 6.0.0 → 6.0.4 doesn’t work for me.

Is there any news on the VST Bridge in Lion? I would really like my UAD plugins back. Well, I’d really like them to make 64 bit plugins, but again… different discussion.


Aloha d,
AFAI have read,
1-The VST Bridge uses Rosetta.
2-10.7(Lion) no longer uses Rosetta.
3- Anything that uses Rosetta will no longer work in 10.7(Lion)

I too am still waiting for some software and drivers to be updated to be
Lion compatible but keep in mind, some stuff will never be updated.


Not a long time a go steinberg was very clear that the surely recomended people to always use the latest operating systems. Snow leopard was old, cubase 6 was now and steinberg was saying to much. Now cubase 6 is mature, and for sure Lion is not new. And steinberg is saying nothing. I guess we have to upgrade to cubase 7 in the spring if we are going to use Lion.