lion server potential problems

The new quad mini mac comes with lion server. Is the server software likely to cause any issues with recording audio?

Apples website shows the Quad Core mac MINI ships with both Lion Server as well as “Lion”

2.0GHz : Dual 500GB
2.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
4GB memory
Dual 500GB 7200-rpm hard drives1
Intel HD Graphics 3000
OS X Lion Server
OS X Lion
Ships: Within 24hrs
Free Shipping
financing available

There may be some hope there and not need to have extra apps running that you do not need. I would give em a call to see if that is not a typo…

Hmm perhaps they do a dual boot hd. That would be great.
I’ll call tomorrow.


Lion Server is regular 10.7 Lion Client with the installed along with the ability to download and install some of the specialized 10.6 Server admin tools ( has a unified Services interface but is missing a few tools admins want). Therefore Lion Server should function the same as Lion, EXCEPT that you need to turn off the services that and 10.6 Server tools run. Shouldn’t be too hard, I haven’t tried it, although straight out of the box those services are not running.



Nice to know we can get off the shelf quad-core Mac Mini’s now ! Definitely the guaranteed lowest priced (and footprint) Apple DAW possible for the chosen processor.

Thanks Hugh!


I haven’t tried it but that quad-core mini looks like quite the beast. I worry about TDP however. Example -

We’re currently testing and attempting to introduce into our pipeline a 2011 MBP-17 quad-core as a live HD video capture machine with a slave Nuendo running concurrently. When capturing HD video to H.264 simultaneously with recording in Nuendo, the cpu (8 virtual cores) is only taxed approximately 18-19% (145% in Activity Monitor parlance). However the cpu temp and the fans ramp up until the cpu temp stabilizes at 80degC where it stays. The machine runs hot and the external power supply can’t keep up, draining the battery by a small amount per hour. Therefore the MBP is capable of far more peak processing power than can be sustained.

I may try the quadcore mini at some point. Even though it’s based on the same architecture as the MBP I don’t know if the thermal dissipation is better.


Thanks for the heads up on the TDP Hugh!