Hi guys.
Cause your encouragement in this forum for “Gustav Alapranzj” ("Gustav Alapranzj" - Steinberg Lounge - Steinberg Forums) I decided to let you listen to my new song.


Made with Cubase 7.5.20, I used a few Variety of Sound and Waves plugins, also Cubase Console Strip (a lot!).
Hope you all will give me some feedback, so I can do ever better.

If you want to to read (in italian) or just take a look at the pics about the “Lipistick” recording, go here: ItaliaRec - Diario di produzione: la canzone prende vita

Thx, Cubendo users!

excellent song and performance and everything, but i feel it needs mixing and mastering properly ,the initial mix is great but all the eqs are intermingled too much and there is a kind of haze blurring the sound it needs more separation and more transparency between the instruments , it also sounds like it s being put through some kind of maximizer and has being squashed too much ,your music is far too delicate to spend all that time creating and then to go pummel it through a maximizer, by doing this it tends to bring out more of the boxy mids which is annoying .this is all it needs and it will be perfect i reckon .well done

Thanks, polgara. Very interesting notes!
I finalized my mix using a Sonnox limiter plugins with no more of 2 dB of attenuation. So, the over-compressed sound could be in the single tracks, I guess. I squashed the bass guitar with vintage comp in the console strip, also vocal tracks (with lighter compression, anyway). So I have to investigate.
I try to check the transient, maybe I did mistakes with the balance and the percussion sounds trigger the limiter…

on the louder sections of the song the RMS is up to -6 db. do you check the loudness levels ,some plugins read 3 db less than others for some reason, so you can over do it with some plugins without knowing , voxengo span reads 3db less but has an option of +3db on the dbfs switch to bring it in line , wavelab checks correctly, the TT Dynamic Range meter also reads correct levels also waves and t-racks.

Did you pull track? My screen comes blank when clicking on link :frowning:

No, I didn’t… Try to copy the link and past it to your browser. Anyway, I check it out.

@polgara, I tried to fix some eqs and the overall balance. Hope now works. :slight_smile:
Updated the song at the same link. Anyway, here:

i think its clearer now,i feel the vocal is still clashing maybe with the bass or piano or something on the heavier section where the guitar is playing distorted rhythm..but dont get me wrong this is an excellent track and i could only dream of coming up with a production like this and still a very well done.

Very nice. Well recorded and performed.
I cant comment any more as this is all beyond my personal abilities!

Sounds good to me, like where the vox is in the mix…well done…Kevin

Thanks for your replies, guys.
It’s a pleasure posting here and reading your opinions.
@kzarider: are you able to get the link, now?.. :question:

Another excellent track. Really enjoyed it. Comments from me would be beyond my experience level. Thanks for posting it.

Thanks, Early! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m always afraid to put my vox too out of the mix.

Yeah, I liked it, and thought the mix was pretty much spot on. It IS loud, but the track still breathes and is not distorted as far as I can hear. Good job :sunglasses:

Thanks, man. :slight_smile: Nice to hear it.