List active, idle plugins


I’m in the process of installing Cubase 13 and got a little bit curious to what 3d party plugins I use. Does the cubase instllation list or track this info?

The installation does not track or list anything. It simply installs Cubase.

What do you think it will do here?

Most software store stuff in log-files. I guess there are some log-files in cubase, and figured it’s not far fetched that 3d party stuff loaded is tracked in the log-file.

Once Cubase is installed, you can use the Plugin Manager to see installed VST3 plugins as well as VST 2.x plugins provided that you provided Cubase with the path(s) to them.

The installer doesn’t track anything, it just installs the software.

As soon as you launch Cubase it will scan your instruments and VSts, because it needs to know them.