List Editor - adding program changes

Hi team,

I want to add the Full Concert Grand from my MOX8 to the List Editor. How do I do this? I imported a MIDI file but it uses the GM Piano. I want to edit the Program Change data in the List Editor.

I also hear you can embed this data right in the track? I’m confused because on my Tyros 5, the Data List specifies the MSB and LSB. The MOX8 Data List shows, “PRE1 (MSB=63, LSB=0)”. I insert those two items as controller changes, but how do I specify that I want “1 A01 Full Concert Grand”?


  • Lee


With MOX, you can use the MOX VST plug-in, which is probably the best way.

If you want to edit the Program Change in the List Editor, you can do so, if there is already Program Change MIDI Message. If you want to create a new Program Change MIDI message, click to Insert Event Type (the default is Note, here), and set this to Program Change. Then, click under the timeline, to create the MIDI Event Program Change. Done.
Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 21.28.19.png

Thanks Martin!