List Editor: Hide and Show SPECFIC controllers?

Possible I just haven’t found how to do it, but in List Editor I would really like to be able to hide all CC 11 events, for example but still see the pan, pedal, mod wheel, and volume controllers. As far as I can tell there is no way.

One way to implement it might be to add a function to the Logical Editor “show” or “hide” selected event types and values.

Already possible :wink: (but I agree, this should be made into a simple instruction)…
For now, you have to do a bit of preparation…
Create a Logical Editor Preset as per the attached screenshot, and give it an easily recognisable name, e.g. “Logical Filter CC#11”
Then in the List Editor, in the “Focus” field, you should see “Logical Filter CC#11” in the dropdown list.
Logical Filter CC#11.jpg
(be careful with the correct placement of those parentheses… always a pitfall where there is “Or” in a boolian operation :wink: )

Looking good. In the image, Logical Filter CC#11.jpg, the last condition is “MIDI Controller No. unequal” etc. Took me a while to figure out that to get that condition you actually select “Value 1” in the “Type is” column, then put in the controller number, and then the field name magically changes to what is shown, MIDI Controller No.

And it runs! But what happens is that all is SELECTED except the midi controller 11, and that’s a step in the right direction. But both selected and nonselected are still all showing in the List Editior.

In this case, that is normal (think of it this way… the List Editor Focus is “robbing” the Logical Editor). Nothing is stopping you from then using the Logical Editor in the “Normal” way (i.e. outside of the Focus box)

I much appreciate the help, and am liking cubase more and more as I learn it.

In this case my goal is to hide a specific controller in List Editor (so I can find and possibly modify other controllers). So the select function, useful as it may be (and I’ve stored it away) … does not help with my problem.

Am I clear? It’s not easy writing words that mean what you think they mean…

I suppose one could select the CC11s, cut, paste into a temporary track, work on the original track, then go to the temp track and cut the CC11s again, paste back to the original track. … but hopefully there’s a better way!

Now I am the one not really understanding :wink:
If you use the Focus field (see attached) in the List Editor to bring up that Logical Editor Preset, the result in the actual List should be exactly what you are wanting… everything is there except CC#11 (and nothing should actually be selected/highlighted), so you can now continue to use the List Editor as freely as before (except that you can’t superimpose a 2nd level of filter focus… but you can still use the filters in the Info line)
Logical Filter.jpg